Your technical skills are the sport specific techniques you use during your performance.

Depending on you performance domain, your physical skills can include: core strength, balance, eating pattern, sleep pattern.

Mental skills are your learning abilities, communication style and motivation to play.

It also includes how you deal with mischief or how you proceed after you make an error.

Up to here, everything can be trained in isolation of the performance.

The tricky part is to use every bit of skill you own during the performance.

Depending on the situation there are certain performance demands.

This is the level of skill you need to exert to reach your peak performance.

All these things influence how well you perform.
But the true
essence of performance is:

Will you be able to
fully utilise all the skills you have at the exact moment that you need them?

This is where emotiplus comes into play.

We have developed a method with which you can create the
biggest opportunity
to meet your performance demands.

You can see this as your mental warming-up, right before your game, so you can get into
your optimal mind-set.

Get to know your ideal emotional balance and learn how to get in your zone to reach Peak Performance!

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Peak Performance is relative and subjective. Everybody can reach their peak on their own skill-level in their own domain.

How do you transform your performance into Peak Performance?

Which factors do you need
to develop to get there?

The most stable part of your
performance is your

It contains your emotional intelligence, temperament and mindset.

It is the
foundation of all
your skills and abilities.


One level up are more malleable traits: your technical, physical and mental skills.

These are the skills that you develop
over time in your performance area.


The                    method